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Friday, June 13, 2008

Update on Wal Mart Poll

As of this morning, the running vote count on MPDN's current poll breaks down like this:
1467 votes for Wal Mart to start building now
290 votes to further delay the project
That's a margin of greater than 5 to 1 against PARD and their contention they represent a substantial portion of the community. This poll is closing in on having four times the number of participants as the next largest in the short history of MPDN's polling.

I call upon the members of PARD to graciously accept their neighbors' will and desist from further harming the community.

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Tom Forbes said...

At this rate, if the Daily News keeps the poll up much longer, it will surpass the vaunted "10,000 petition signatures" PARD claims to have collected over two years in just a matter of a few weeks.