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Thursday, June 12, 2008

"Dino Rossi visits Pullman for breakfast; The Republican gubernatorial candidate spoke about what he believes the state needs"

Credit where credit is due. Christina Watts has one of the best write-ups of Dino's Pullman visit in today's Summer Evergreen. I'm glad she noted the presence of Rep. Joe Schmick at the event. We need Joe and a lot more Republicans like him in the state legislature if Dino is going to reform Olympia.
Dino Rossi wants to bring customer service to the state government. He told a group of approximately 50 supporters it was time to start treating state citizens like "customers, not nuisances."

The Republican nominee for governor met with Pullman residents Tuesday morning at the Schweitzer Event Center to give an update on his campaign and to share his goals for the state, if elected. Ed Schweitzer, founder and president of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, hosted the event. He said it was a pleasure to contribute to part of the political process.

"I got to know (Rossi) when he decided to run for governor four years ago and I really respect him," Schweitzer said. "I wanted to hold this breakfast so a lot of people in our community could get to know him."

Schweitzer said he supports Rossi for governor because he's fiscally conservative and politically moderate.

In addition to making the state more customer service oriented, Rossi said he wants to turn Washington into an entrepreneurial state.

"I want Washington state to be the worst place in America to be a criminal, and the best place to start a business," he said.

Rossi also spoke about revamping the state budget. He said Gov. Chris Gregoire turned a surplus in the budget into a deficit, calling her policies, "fiscal insanity."

"You can be fiscally conservative and still have a social conscience," Rossi said. "They are not mutually exclusive."

Though the election is several months away, Rossi said his campaign has already surpassed last year's numbers for volunteers and contributions. He hopes to run a campaign where he'll compare and contrast what incumbent Gregoire has done with what he wants to do.

He said he has proposed nine major projects, including an "ambitious" road congestion plan, and has been endorsed by five labor organizations, including the King County Police Guild, for his positions on public safety.

Rep. Joe Schmick, R-Colfax, attended the morning meeting with Rossi. He said he is supporting Rossi in the upcoming election because the state needs fiscal responsibility.

"It's always exciting," Schmick said. "I'm very glad that (Rossi) sees the importance of Eastern Washington."

Rossi ended the event by telling those gathered that they will have a tangible choice for their next governor.

Rossi told those present to encourage everyone they knew to vote. He said the myth that King County decides the election is untrue, and that Eastern Washington votes matter.

"Rarely in life do we ever get a second chance at things that are truly important," he said. "With the race for governor, Washington state gets a second chance."

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