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Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Wal-Mart is welcome"

There is a very nice tribute to Don Pelton from SEL Public Affairs Director and BREO board member Susan Fagan in today's Moscow-Pullman Daily News:
I am truly thankful that we can move ahead with the construction of our Wal-Mart store here in Pullman. It will give us more choices and save fuel, and we'll also save money. And I still plan to shop at Safeway and Dissmore IGA because they provide great customer service.

I'm sure I speak for many who appreciate our city officials and the Pullman City Council for their leadership and steadfast efforts through this entire process. Even though I believe the delay and multiple appeals were unnecessary and cost us valuable time and resources, I am grateful for our form of open and accessible government. Reading the headlines tonight, however, I couldn't help feeling some sadness - our good friend and Wal-Mart supporter Don Pelton did not live long enough to see this day. Don, if you're looking down on us tonight, and, like me, you're reading the Daily News and enjoying the sweet victory, please take credit for providing your consistent, thoughtful views that helped us keep our eye on the bigger economic picture.

Susan Fagan, Pullman
We miss you, Don.

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