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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ed Schweitzer: SEL Will Double in Growth, But Not in Pullman

According to Ed, Washington is not competitive because of Mrs. Gregoire's overregulation and taxes, such as the death tax, the Department of Early Learning, which has made getting child care difficult for some SEL employees, and Ecology's new stormwater regulations, which will cost SEL $20,000 a year. He had some very harsh words for the Queen.

Schweitzer Engineering would like to grow in Washington, but the company, Pullman's larget private employer, is looking at states like Virginia and countries like Mexico instead.

Ed would like to change his mind if Dino gets elected. Think about that when you cast your ballot in November.


Gregg said...

How man employees does SEL have in Pullman now? What percentage of those employees live in Pullman? Just curious.

Tom Forbes said...

SEL has over 1,600 employees, approximately 1,100 in Pullman.