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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Queen Carded

From today's Seattle Times:
Gov. Christine Gregoire was turned away from an Olympia bar when she couldn't produce identification to prove she was over 21.

The 61-year-old governor told KING-TV she feels complimented the bouncer thought she might be under age.

Gregoire and her staff had served burgers at the annual Capital Lakefair last weekend and afterward went to the downtown Olympia bar called Hannah's to celebrate.

Gregoire says the man checking identifications at the door said she couldn't get in without ID, even when others pointed out she's Washington's governor. So she went home, but her husband Mike went in.

Hannah's owner, Todd Ruzicka, says his 23-year-old part-time bouncer needs more training.
Why more training? I don't recognize her as the governor either.


Mattwi said...

cough * animal farm * cough cough...

Hey simple enough, no valid ID no drinks, hit the road!

The bouncer did his job, what's the problem.

I'm 32, I still get carded, so does my wife, she's also 32...

April E. Coggins said...

She's the former attorney general. She knows the laws, she helped write them. No one, regardless of their age, is allowed to enter a drinking establishment without valid identification proving they are at least 21. The bouncer followed the law, the owner needs more training and Christine shouldn't write and enforce laws that she feels she is above.

At least she was not meeting with Barack Obama, who would be required to stand 25 feet from the entrance just like all the other dirty smokers. No wonder Barack sent his wife to Washington state. It would be an awkward photo having a presidential candidate pictured hanging out back with the other smokers.