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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Springtime for Obama!

This is a German language poster from the Obamalord's current victory lap in Europe:

My question is, what office is he running for and in what country?

Yikes. The Obama campaign thinks this is a good idea? Patrick Ruffini has more.


Sweet Tea Addiction said...

Next thing we know this will be posted around Pullman with Washington imposed on it.

Vocal Goddess said...

Wow. Comparing Obama to Hitler? Isn't that just a liiiitle over the line?

Tom Forbes said...

I wasn't comparing Obama to Hitler, although others have been troubled by Obama's cult of personality. I am too. Nothing good can come of it.

No, I was pointing out the poster was made in the "Plakatstil" style seen in early to mid-20th Century Germany. This style feature few but strong colors, a clean, minimal look and bold, clear types.

It's nothing new. Other posters of Obama have been made in styles reminiscent of early Soviet propaganda and religious iconography.