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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

And Barack Did Bringeth Forth Oil From A Tire Pump

Moses struck water from a stone.

Christ fed thousands with five loaves of bread and two fishes.

Obama solveth the oil shortage by airing up the tires.


Bruce Heimbigner said...

No way. Someone overdubbed that. It just can’t be - no one is that dumb. But then he also thinks we can address our energy needs with solar and wind that is almost as dumb you just have to do the math and you'll see it cannot be done with any known or even foreseeable technologies.

And yet there is a 100 year supply of the entire planets demand for oil (in the form of oil shale) in Alberta Canada.

Michael said...

Actually, airing up the tires might accomplish more than corn ethanol.

Barenjager said...

So long as the electricty for the compressor comes from nuclear, hydro, solar or wind, it WILL do more than ANY currently produced ethanol fuel.

Michael said...

If you doubt me Bruce, then trust ABC.

Bruce Heimbigner said...

I believe you Mike. The ABC news article must be written by someone who has never owned a car. An 18% increase in fuel economy the result of a tune up and air in your tires, WOW. Most cars have to pass a smog test so those cars are tuned up. And a car with such underinflated tires would be a hazard to drive. Also, Mr Tapper needs to fact check his own article because his numbers don't add up.

Now, if instead of increasing our horsepower in our cars by 30% in the last 30 year we had increased our fuel economy - then we'ld be getting somewhere. (ok I drive one is one of the worst and the other the best milage car in the US. 15 and 48 MPG)