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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Chalk Talk

The Moscow Chamber of Commerce announces:
Come to Moscow's first annual Oktoberfest and Chalk of the Town Competition. The fun starts September 6th, 7am with the Chalk of the Town chalk art competition. You can watch local artists create works of art out of chalk on Friendship Square in downtown Moscow. Oktoberfest will kickoff in Friendship Square at noon with sausages, beer, games and live music. The day will conclude with a community dance in the evening.

Brought to you by the Moscow Chamber of Commerce.
The last time there were chalk drawings in downtown Moscow was when "Hitler Youth" was scrawled in chalk in front of New Saint Andrews College back in August 2005. A prominent "tolerant" Moscow liberal later opined that this hate crime was a celebration of "free speech."

Here's hoping the worst thing that happens at Oktoberfest is that the beer gets warm.

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Keim said...

Tom-Thanks for posting this. I'm hoping it will be a fun event that we can grow with time. Anyone that wants to come from Whitman County is certainly invited! I'll do my best to insure cold beer.