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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

"Rossi Political Insult Reveals Character Flaws in Gregoire’s Long-Held State Power"

Outside the latte liberal set in Seattle, people get it about the tyranny of Queen Christine and her lust for power.

The Centralia Chronicle had a damning editorial yesterday about her latest faux-pas, the racist attack on Dino Rossi.

Some excerpts:
In politics it doesn’t matter which party is in control -- power does indeed corrupt. Washington state’s Democrats have now been in control for 24 years. That is a whole generation of the same politicians and their hacks; at this point they have become overconfident, condescending and arrogant. What follows are bad taste, rule bending and the shunning of ethics. Such is the case in Chris Gregoire’s campaign to hold on to her governorship -- or more precisely, a misguided attempt to be cute by the anti-Rossi attack machine.


Perhaps the Democrats, confident of their death-grip on the state of Washington, do not feel subject to fairness, decency or good manners. They can do what they want -- Soprano style -- with little fear of voter retribution. Our hope is that Washington’s voters can see through the smoke and mirrors and locate the problem of too much power in one place for too long.
Well said. Read the whole thing.

Time to end the one-party dictatorship in Olympia.

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