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Monday, July 07, 2008

Our Local Urbanistas Versus Wal-Mart

Rabid Wal-Mart hater Tom Hansen sent select Venom 2020 subscribers a link to a website containing essays by Richard Carson, a professional urban planner in Oregon. For some reason, Carson's essay titled "The Urbanistas versus Big-Box Retail" was not on Hansen's list of favorites.

Carson totally skewers all the big-box bashers like Hansen, No Super Wal-Mart, PARD, et. al.

Some great quotes:
Unfortunately, too often people blur the line between land use issues and social issues. These days big-box is intentionally being associated with "suburban sprawl". But the illusion created by special-interest propaganda is the real issue. It is not necessarily about the economic or social reality. What we really have going on is the usual symbolism over substance tactics that are typical of many anti-growth organizations. Americans believe in a free citizenry and a free market economy. However, the Urbanistas do not believe in a free market when it comes to big box retail and they want citizens to live in their urban design fantasy land. They believe Americans need to be forced to live Potemkin villages reminiscent of the movie "The Truman Show".

In order for these social engineers to attract financial supporters and sympathetic voters, they use pejorative labels like "sprawl," "big-box" or "McMansion" and "category killers". They intentional play on the average citizen's distrust of corporate American and their tendency to say "Not in my back yard" in the face of any community change.


In my opinion, the "Urbanistas" need to start dealing with the retail reality that Main Street America literally buys into big-box retail, and dump their negative rhetoric and their unsellable political agenda. May be they should take a tip from big-box retail and actually give American citizens something they actually care about. Like a political agenda that has an actual tangible value.
Al Norman has taken that "special-interest propaganda" nationwide and makes a nice living off of it.

Read the whole thing and learn the true agenda behind our "neighborhood activists."

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Area Man said...

What's interesting is that the essay I read posted by Mr. Hansen on the vision2020 was speaking from a polar opposite position from the one that Mr. Hansen seems to take on a regular basis.