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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Weird Al and the Mayor

Obnoxious liberal loudmouth Weird Al Norman has made a lucrative career out of reassuring wealthy suburban snobs that their elitist disdain of Wal-Mart and those that shop there is actually "protecting worker's rights" and stopping "urban sprawl." You can hear Norman rant about his hatred of Wal-Mart in person for only $5,000, plus expenses.

Norman is also a paid union shill, running "Battle-Mart" for the Service Employees International Union astroroots front organization "Wal-Mart Watch" and speaking on behalf of big labor all over the country.

Now, Weird Al has turned his sights on our mayor, Glenn Johnson. On his web site, Sprawl Busters, Norman urges "readers" to write to Mayor Johnson and the Pullman City Council urging them to pass a raft of socialistic, business-killing ordinances, much like Moscow did a few years ago.

Norman, who lives 3,000 miles away in Massachusetts (it figures), obviously has no clue that Mayor Johnson, the "Voice of the Cougars," is one of the most beloved and respected figures in the history of our town (he has been elected mayor twice with no opposition.) Norman chides Johnson:
If Wal-Mart is a ‘very good thing,’ why were so many residents upset about this project? These people that you say cost the city lost revenues-—these are your taxpayers, your constituents. You are the Mayor of all Pullman residents, not just the Mayor of Corporate Interests. Zoning decisions do not have to be a win/lose situation. When people believe they are on the losing end of a deal—they are usually right. Pullman was not prepared for a project of this scale. It’s time to bring your zoning code into the 21st century, before more big boxes saturate your city with highway sprawl.”
What a patently absurd allegation. Glenn Johnson is a professor at the same university as are the professors of PARD. He is beholden to no "Corporate Interests."

It is also laughable that Norman calls on Mayor Johnson to respect the feelings of the few dozen of his constituents that make up PARD, while simultaneously calling on people all over the country who are neither taxpayers nor constituents to write the mayor and city council and meddle in Pullman's affairs. This is just like a few years ago when PARD was soliciting donations from all over the country on Norman's website.

Send Weird Al an e-mail here and tell him and his "readers" to keep their snooty noses out of our business. Let's fill up his inbox! You might just get lucky and get a nasty reply from Weird Al himself.

Also, while you're at it, send an e-mail to Mayor Johnson and the Pullman City Council here and express your thanks for staying strong during this process, upholding the will of the majority of the electorate and not caving in to the special interests of a few.

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April E. Coggins said...

I got a reply!


You are a sweeetheart! I love it when you talk tough.

Who are you kidding: Your Town?

Read what you wrote to me to your husband tonight. Tell him "this is
something I wrote that I'm really proud of." Then read it to your kids.
Tell them Mommy says sometimes you just have to despise people you've
never met. Life is like that.

April, what are we going to do with people like you so consumed by hate?


Al Norman

> It just so happens that Pullman and most of its residents want Wal-Mart
> and want to continue the American tradition of free enterprise. We
> don't need meddlesome outsiders weighing in on local development. We
> can make these decisions all by ourselves. PARD lost every step of the
> way and are completely humiliated. Now they have nothing left except
> for the whining, which is apparently your role.
> Thanks, but no thanks. Stay out of my town!
> April E. Coggins
> Pullman, WA

If you have contacted Sprawl-Busters because you are fighting a big box
store, BUT you have not yet read "Slam-Dunking Wal-Mart" and "The Case
Against Wal-Mart", pick up the phone and call toll-free 1-877 DUNK WAL

To call Al Norman: 413-772-6289 any evening after 7 pm EST or weekends.

Tom Forbes said...

"You just have to despise people you've never met." Exactly. And get paid $5,000 a night, plus expenses to do so. Not to mention book deals and the union gig.

Hate and disdain sells, luckily for Weird Al.

I advise everyone to give Al a call, in addition to an e-mail.

Tom Forbes said...

This was Weird Al's response to the latest BREO press release claiming victory in the battle over Wal-Mart:

Thanks for the terrific press release about Pullman! As you will see from the story below, I used every word of it that I thought was accurate and useful. Please keep up your great effort to attack people who join groups like PARD. It's always great to see local hatred whipped up. Wal-Mart is a great economic opportunity for Pullman, and maybe you can get one of their entry level jobs. Could lead to a manager's job someday!

All the best,

Al Norman

When it comes to getting "local hatred whipped up," nobody is better than barking moonbats like Al Norman and Chris Lupke.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Eh... we can all just soothe our anger with some discount retail therapy. :P

April E. Coggins said...

In his reply, good old Al changed the subject line of my e-mail from "Pullman, WA" to "Protect Hate Speech!" Pretty telling. He's a creep.