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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Prayer of the Day

Mile Kepka/San Francisco Chronicle, AP Photos

Michael Hanly figured crews were only trimming the trees when he saw them carrying tools to the old spruce and pine outside his office at Washington State University's Avery Hall last week.

But they kept cutting, and the trees eventually were gone.

Hanly did some digging and learned that more trees are on the chopping block around Avery, Bryan and Murrow halls during the third phase of the Library Road project, slated for completion in Sept. 2009.

"If they had said from the beginning that these trees were going to come down with this project, you can bet there would have been a protest," said Hanly, an English professor.

Hanly claims the university did not adequately make its plans known to the public, and he is trying to generate support from others concerned about the trees' removal. He's gathered some English department staff to protest and hopes to involve other departments if a compromise can't be reached with WSU's Capital Planning and Development Office.
- "Tree removal surprises some faculty and staff; 80 trees being cut down as part of university's Library Road project," Moscow-Pullman Daily News, July 11, 2008

Oh Lord, if a bunch of middle-aged WSU English professors are going to protest trees being cut down on the WSU campus, please do not let it be a nude "sit-in" as we have seen down in Berkeley. Amen.

UPDATE: Perhaps former Whitman County Democratic State Committeeman Dave Gibney would care to apologize to Christians for commenting that the Rapture would get rid of all the "stuck up assholes." Perhaps Democratic House candidate Tyanna Kelley would like to apologize to 9th District farmers for attacking their "gaz-guzzling" trucks.

Grow up.


Michael said...

I'd love to see that! Sitting in a tree during a Pullman winter isn't quite the same as swinging from the vines in California.

I predict that it would be just like the homeless demonstration that took place on Terrell Mall about 10 or 15 years ago. A bunch of college Democrats said that they were going to spend the night outside to raise awareness of the plight of the homeless. They lasted until about midnight when they became aware of the cool temperatures.

Tom Forbes said...

As funny it would be to see Hanly, et. al., flinging poo at the WSU police, the thought of all that professorial...errr...flesh..exposed leaves me a little nauseous.

Michael said...

Lupke in the buff - eeee-yuck

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

I'm all for it!

And after they get up there, start sawing.

Satanic Mechanic said...

Just think, we could bring baseball bats and pretend that Lupke is a pinata. Everytime we hit him, we will yell "Viva La Raza!", so it will be CES approved.
Or we could charge students $5 a swing at him and the proceeds go to "The John Stremas Scholarship for the College Republicans of WSU".

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Mr. Mechanic -

But won't everyone demand their money back? I mean, when the pinata breaks and nothing but copies of Mao's little red book fall out...

There's no way around it - this pinata sucks!