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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

You Knew This Was Coming...

An unnamed "Whitman County resident" just went off during the "Ask the Experts" session on how there were no WSU reps speaking here today (although WSU is a sponsor) and how irresponsible it is of WSU to build the Palouse Ridge Golf Course. She said WSU should be leading the way in water conservation. Keith Bloom from WSU was here earlier, but I guess he's gone now. I guess this gal missed the earlier session on modeling which showed that the golf course would have virtually no impact on the future of the Grande Ronde aquifer.

There was another question about whether there were any governmental, PBAC or any other governmental or conservation agency objected to the building of the golf course without effluent irrigation from a graywater treatment plant. PBAC recomended against it, but did not object. And of course, there are several conservation organizations that are appealing the Department of Ecology's decision.

Now there is a discussion going on about elected officials and their responsibilities to constituents, but no one is mentioning that the golf course was a WSU decision, meaning it was a STATE decision, not one that was decided by any elected official in the Pullman City Council or the Whitman County Board of Commissioners.

Sheesh, Aaron Ament just basically gave himself a free election plug by saying "vote for the person who will do the most for water, not to get reelected."


April E. Coggins said...

It does seem that at least during this election season, Mr. Ament is appearing more reasonable. His little speech at the beginning was nice and I think he served Moscow well.

Tom Forbes said...

You could certainly tell who is up for reelection (Ament) and who is not (Chaney.)