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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Joint Legislative District 9 PCO Meeting to Select Replacement for David Buri Will Be Held November 10 in Colfax

The following information on the process to replace resigning State Rep. David Buri has just been released by Whitman County Republican Chairwoman Susan Fagan:

DATE:             October 16, 2007

TO:                  Whitman County Precinct Committee Officers

CC:                  Other interested parties

FROM:            Susan Fagan, WCRCC Chairman

SUBJECT:      Joint Legislative Dist. 9 PCO meeting; official WSRP notice to follow

In a conference call yesterday among chairmen from Adams, Asotin, Garfield, Franklin, Spokane and Whitman counties and WSRP Executive Director Jeremy Deutsch and Executive Assistant Kathy Dawes, it was determined that a meeting of Precinct Committee Officers from the 9th Legislative District will be held Saturday, Nov. 10 at 10:00 a.m. in Colfax at the Colfax Education & Training Center (CETC), 119 N. Main.

As you are aware, District 9 Representative David Buri is resigning his position effective Nov. 1.  According to Washington state law and the WSRP bylaws, the following process will be used to choose Rep. Buri’s replacement:

-         PCOs from affected precincts in District 9 (all of Adams, Asotin, Garfield and Whitman and portions of Franklin and Spokane counties) will meet Nov. 10.  Those interested in completing Rep. Buri’s term of office will make brief presentations to PCOs in attendance.  A vote among PCOs present will take place, and the top three vote getters’ names will be submitted to the WSRP Executive Committee who will ratify the names.  Elected PCOs and PCOs appointed 60 days prior to Rep. Buri’s official departure date (Nov. 1) will be eligible to vote.  No proxies will be allowed according to state bylaws.

-         Once the Executive Committee confirms that the process used to select the three names was valid and that the three are eligible to serve (live in the legislative district, are of required age, etc.), the three names will be forwarded to the county commissioners in the six affected counties.

-         The commissioners will meet at a mutually agreed upon date, time and location to select Rep. Buri’s replacement.  In the past, some replacements have been sworn in immediately after the selection, which I would encourage in this case.  He or she will need to use the time between selection and the opening of the legislative session to meet with key sectors and individuals in the 9th Legislative District and prepare to spend his or her first session in the State Capitol.

This process points out the importance of our precinct committee officers and the power bestowed upon us.  We have a critical task ahead of us, so please make every effort to attend the meeting on Nov. 10.  Again, no proxies will be allowed, so as a PCO, you must be there to have your voice heard.  If you have questions, please let me know or submit those questions to our leaders at WSRP.

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