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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The only thing we have to fear...is a lack of fear?

Nate Balko yet again demonstrated in today's Daily Watermelon why the WSU student newspaper continues to be a brilliant model of modern journalism. In his work, "An Ulterior Motive," Mr. Balko takes a very simple subject and complicates it with political mumbo-jumbo and subjective opinion and attacks. Essentially, he accused the CR's of using the movie "Obsession" depicting radical, fascist Islam to instill fear in the minds of those who watch it. He even goes as far as to challenge anyone of the CR's:

If just one of the College Republicans will write in and admit to me that this whole debacle is not about "eliciting discussion" but rather about pushing an agenda and instilling fear, then I will shut my mouth on the issue.

As much as I'd like to believe he'd "shut his mouth on the issue," somehow I doubt it. But it's worth a shot.
Here is the "humble" response of one College Republican.

As a member of the College Republicans (As a MEMBER, mind you. Not as THE College Republican or ALL College Republicans) I will take the bait. I'm writing on Palousitics since, for certain reasons, I have been prevented from submitting to the Daily Watermelon. I guess I'm worried that my true identity to will be revealed to the literally dozens of people that read the Daily Watermelon.

Nate Balko accuses the CR's of wishing to instill fear. And as the Red Knight I will admit that that is exactly what I want. I want people to be afraid of Radical Islam. I want people to be afraid of being terrorized and murdered by suicide bombers in the streets of America and elsewhere. I do want to instill fear, and my response to that is...


What's so wrong with that? Why else does anybody, whether conservative or liberal, black or white, rich or poor, whether this or that, push any agenda? They want to put some form of fear for something in someone's mind! For Mr. Balko to chastise someone like me for wanting to do this has clearly demonstrated a lack of understanding for human nature and politics. Such a statement is hypocritical.

Why else does Al Gore fly around the world showing "An Inconvenient Truth?" He wants people to FEAR global warming and its consequences.

Why do we wear seat belts when driving? Because we FEAR being seriously injured in an accident.

People buy health insurance because they FEAR becoming sick without a way to pay for it.

People wash their hands after using the toilet because they FEAR becoming sick from infection.

People put sunscreen on at the beach because they FEAR getting a sunburn.

Televisions and political ads (Democrat and Republican) reflect this principle every day.

The list could go on further, but I'm sure that even Nate Balko will get my point: Fear is one of the most primitive of human emotions, and it is good. Fear warns us of danger to our person, our property, and our family, and prompts us to formulate responses to eliminate or decrease that danger.

As a member of CR's, I want people to be informed of how dangerous radical Islam can be so they will FEAR it. That is not to say they should go around beating up anybody that looks like they may be Muslim. Not in the least. What I wish is for people to realize the danger of turning a blind eye to radical Islam, believing there is really no risk. While fear itself is something to be feared, if it becomes paralyzing, a lack of fear for subjects like radical Islam can be equally dangerous.

Perhaps Nate Balko should look in the mirror before writing. While he accuses the CR's of fear-mongering, what does he believe he's doing himself? Trying to get people to fear the CR's influence.


Daniel F Schanze said...

Great post. I couldn't believe he wrote that.. let alone asked us to respond. We have turned in tons of letters to the evergreen and they NEVER get printed.

The Red Knight (aka, Dr. Know) said...

They may publish one now that one of their own has demanded a letter.

Daniel F Schanze said...

This is very true, but since a ton of their staff reads Palousitics... they probably have gotten the message. But... maybe an alternative message needs to be sent to them.

Hopefully you can make the event tonight. But it's cool if you can't; school.

The Red Knight (aka, Dr. Know) said...

Thanks Daniel. Maybe I can catch the tail end. I suspect there may be an after-show, if you know what I mean...

Daniel F Schanze said...

Lol... I suspect there will be too. The police may need some extra handcuffs dot dot dot...

Daniel F Schanze said...
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Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

I thought it was hilarious that Balko admitted that Islamofacists do exist, but that it isn't right to point that out if the group doing so is the GOP.

What someone should really ask him is , since he admits that Islamic terrorism is a problem, why aren't the Dems screaming it from the rooftops? If they won't talk about an admitted problem, then obviously someone else has to.