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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Make It An Even Half Dozen

Today's Daily News story on the quest to replace Rep. David Buri is already out of date. Today I received a letter from Tedd Nealey, a farmer and teacher from Cheney, announcing his candidacy. That makes an even six candidates now in the running.

This was not unexpected. Nealey, as you recall, was in the GOP primary last year, losing out to Rep. Steve Hailey.

No hard feelings against Tedd, who I have met several times and consider to be a gentleman, but his outspoken opposition to Initiative 933, the Property Fairness Initiative, last year, which was sponsored by the Washington State Farm Bureau and endorsed by the Washington State Republican Party, in my mind puts him out of step both with our party and our county. Nealey also spoke in favor earlier this year of the Whitman County Rural Residential Housing Ordinance, another bane of private propery owners.

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