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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Ann Coulter Takes On The Islamofascism And Its Useful Idiots

Ann Coulter spoke at USC's Islamofascism Awareness Week festivities last night and this morning has a column about Islamofascism's nitwit allies on college campuses.

Conservative speakers are constantly being physically attacked on college campuses -- including Bill Kristol, Pat Buchanan, David Horowitz and me, among others. Fortunately the attackers are Democrats, so they throw like girls and generally end up with their noses bloodied by pretty college coeds. But that doesn't make it right.

Michael Moore can waddle anywhere he wants in America without fear of violence from Republicans. But we still have to hear about every testy e-mail Paul Krugman ever receives as if liberals are living in the black night of fascism. Any time Krugman wants to get into a "Most Vicious Hate Mail" contest, just say the word. You don't hear me sniffling.

I still snicker when I recall Al Gore whining about "digital brownshirts" who use the internet to publish dissent from leftist orthodoxy.

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