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Wednesday, October 31, 2007

A Little Humor

I regret (just a little) that I didn't dress up today for Halloween. When I thought about what the scariest thing I could think of to be I naturally thought President Hillary Clinton. Unfortunately I was too late. Wal-Mart was out of witch costumes.

I heard a joke on the radio this morning on G. Gordon Liddy's show (AM 950). I thought it was pretty good. It made my morning.

Three doctors are sitting together at a bar after a big international medical convention. One is from Japan, one from Germany, and the third from the USA.

The Japanese doctor says to the other two, "Medicine in my country is the most advanced. We can replace a patient's kidney and have him out and looking for work in six weeks."

The German doctor says, "No, no. Germany has the best medicine: We just took a half a healthy heart from a donor, transplanted that half into a heart disease patient, and had both of them out looking for work in four weeks."

The American doctor smiles and nods. Leaning back he says, "The United States has you all beat. We're about to send a woman with no heart and no brain to Washington D.C., and have half the country looking for work in two weeks."

Happy Halloween!

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