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Monday, October 15, 2007

MSNBC Tries To Keep Pace With CNN

Last week, CNN sought out the authoritative opinion of burnt out hippie relics regarding the promise and perils of nuclear energy.

Not wanting to be left behind, Chris Matthews scoured the celebrity rehab clinics and found Graham Nash and David Crosby. And of course, as long as you've restored them to a temporary lucidity, why not ask them a penetrating question about US foreign policy.

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Jim said...

Speaking of Chris Matthews... I just checked Inside Cable News, and it turns out Chris Matthews got played...big time! Someone (presumably Abrad2345 on Youtube) sent out a press release on "his behalf" and it took him a week to notice. As Chris would say... Hah!!

Check this out:
inside cable news

...of course, the alternative is that Hardball staffers really did put out the release, then when Matthews saw that he was giving an award to a Giuliani ad, he retracted it and said it never happened?

Or, if Hardball says the whole release was bogus, then it begs the question of who really DID win the award? For that matter, whatever happened to the contest at all? They did have one, right?

On the other hand, someone could have just had it in for the folks at Inside Cable News - I saw that they just were in a beef with Michell Malkin over them releasing an email she wrote (allegedly) about why she quit O'Reilly's show. Maybe this was some sort of elaborate payback from Malkin's minions to embarrass ICN?

Hard to say, but it's definitely a stain on Hardball.

right with you! Jim