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Friday, October 19, 2007

So, "Social Justice" Equals Gun Control?

According to a "social justice" forum in Moscow last night tiled titled "Murder, Weapons and Violence on the Palouse: What Should We Do?" it does. This was predictable. From today's Moscow-Pullman Daily News:
Moscow Assistant Police Chief David Duke and Moscow lawyer Charles Kovis said better gun control would be an effective way to reduce violent crime.

Duke and Kovis were among the panelists at a Thursday night forum in Moscow titled "Murder, Weapons and Violence on the Palouse: What Should We Do?" Forum panelists and community members discussed the roots of violent crime and possible solutions for a safer future.

Duke said the number of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty nationwide is at its highest level in 30 years.

Officers need tools to protect themselves and the public, and do not want to be in "an arms race with criminals," he said.

Duke spoke in support of a resolution being reviewed by a U.S. House of Representatives subcommittee that would reinstitute a ban on assault weapons.

"Take those weapons away that are high (capacity) and also take the bullets away that are armor-piercing," he said. "Those aren't needed in our community."

Kovis, who represented Jason Hamilton in a case prior to his May 19-20 shooting spree in Moscow that left four dead, including himself and Moscow Police Sgt. Lee Newbill, said gun control is necessary.

"We need to control assault weapons and we need to control handguns that are specifically designed to kill people," Kovis said.
Let me get this straight. It was illegal for Jason Hamilton, a convicted felon, to own a firearm. It was also illegal for him to convert his semi-auto AK-47 to full-auto. So what would have stopped Hamilton? More laws? Riiiiiight. And "handguns specifically designed to kill people?" WTF? I'd like to find one of those handguns that won't kill someone.

By the way, Duke is in the running to be the next WSU police chief. Stand by for that, campus gun owners.

Meanwhile, according to another article in today's Daily News, Queen nancy is still pursuing her unconstitutional gun grab:

Moscow Mayor Nancy Chaney said Thursday she is drafting a letter to state representatives requesting they work toward allowing Idaho cities to regulate firearms.

Chaney said she would like to be able to ban weapons in places like City Hall, city parks and city-run youth facilities.

In August, Chaney asked City Attorney Randy Fife to write to the Idaho Attorney General’s Office to determine whether the city had the authority to regulate firearms.

Chaney said the letter will be sent to Reps. Shirley Ringo and Tom Trail and Sen. Gary Schroeder before the next legislative session, which begins in January.

Deputy Attorney General Stephen A. Bywater sent a reply in September stating that the city cannot restrict people from legally carrying firearms.

Chaney said her letter also will ask the legislators to consider making requirements for concealed-weapons permits more stringent, and to support programs that would encourage “responsible use of firearms,” gun safety and nonviolent conflict resolution.
In Idaho? Have fun storming the castle, Nancy.

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Mattwi said...

armor piercing ammo... assault rifles... same old BS

Hell better not tell that stupid bitch that a round of 300 win mag in a hunting rifle has more balls than Jason's 7.62x39 naughty AK rounds...

I mean all those people running around hunting with those super powerful sniper rifles... and Tri-State selling the deadly AP hunting ammo for them...

better not tell her that a syringe or my grand mothers knitting needles can get through a non-stab resistant vest...

{/ sarcasm