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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

WSU Engulfed By FIRE?


FIRE contacted me this morning; we had a very interesting and conducive discussion. It appears that Campus Involvement's email was unconstitutional; obviously. I am striving to find out who originated that policy to have the WSU College Republicans announce the Progressive Student Union's discussion after our documentary "Obsession" screening. FIRE would like to know as well.

UPDATE: Campus Involvement backed down; the WSU College Republicans no longer have to announce any such discussion, etc. I guess someone realized that request was unconstitutional. After all, it is OUR event. Then again, they might have backed down in lieu of our contacts at FIRE, Young Americas Foundation, and FOX news... just to name a few.

Bottom line, FIRE supports us and I am actively communicating with them on the updates of campus. I really hope WSU stands up for us when/if the time comes, because if they won't... FIRE will.

I'll keep everyone updated, but rest assured... we are not going to have a repeat of the intolerance we experienced last year at our fence demonstration.


Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Good job! It's good to see WSU get the spanking it deserves.

Daniel F Schanze said...

It's funny how this story has gotten around on campus. A lot of faculty must read this blog. One of them approached one of our members in fact. Speaking of faculty, I am in the process of finding out who was involved in organizing the protests against us. I think it would be curious to know who did this during university time (on the clock)... I have two of them by name. More to come on this later.