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Friday, October 12, 2007

Forget Miss Teenage South Carolina

This is much better (or worse).

She's introduced as "Miss Douglas." I sure hope that this isn't the same Douglas that so many of my ancestors hail from - but, it would fit.

As a reminder:

Update: Whew! I guess she's from Douglas, Nebraska.


Satanic Mechanic said...

It is so horrible but yet so funny. Her trumpeting sucks. I am willing to bet that this girl either committed suicide after this performance or her family sold her into the white slave trade.
Did I mention that her playing of the trumpet sucks?!? I have a friend who is getting his doctorate in music and he plays the horns. After seeing this he would probably bash her skull in with a trombone!

Will G said...

Yes, that is really bad. When I first watched it I didn't think that I heard any applause. I watched the end again (I couldn't stand to watch the whole thing) and realized that one person did clap....probably her mom.