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Monday, October 29, 2007

If The Fu Hsits, Part II

Long ago, Charlie Trie started funneling foreign money to the Clintons through his restaurant, Fu Lin. The Chinese aren't through purchasing who knows what from the Clintons.

The beat goes on.

The Clinton's Chinese funny money connection seems to involve organized crime.

On October 19, 2007, the L.A. Times broke the NYC Chinatown donations story. The reporters noted that Clinton's success in raising money from "dishwashers, waiters and street stall hawkers" is due, in part, to a strategy of forming "mutually beneficial alliances with powerful groups." Really, what sort of groups?

The L.A. Times stated that "Clinton has enlisted the aid of Chinese neighborhood associations, especially those representing recent immigrants from Fujian province. The organizations, at least one of which is a descendant of Chinatown criminal enterprises that engaged in gambling and human trafficking, exert enormous influence over immigrants." What sort of influence, and to what end?

The unnamed organization has to be the Fukien American Association. On page 22 of the Senate report, a display labeled "Leadership Structure of Primary Tongs and Affiliated Gangs in New York City" draws a line between the Fukien American Association and the street gang Fuk Ching. A map of street gang territories in a book entitled Chinatown Gangs: Extortion, Enterprise, and Ethnicity, by Ko-lin Chin (Oxford University Press, 1996) locates Fuk Ching's territory on East Broadway, near the Manhattan Bridge -- right where the L.A. Times found bogus addresses for some missing Clinton donors.

This all begs the question: Is the communist Chinese government trying to buy influence from the Clintons again?

Back on June 24, 1997, a select team of investigators from Canada's Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Canadian Security & Intelligence Service drafted a report entitled "Chinese Intelligence Services and Triads Financial Links in Canada." The secret report, code-named "Sidewinder," concluded that three groups of recent immigrants from China were working together to "gain influence on Canadian politics by maximizing their presence over some of the country's economic levers." The three groups represented the (1) Chinese Intelligence Services (ChIS), (2) former Hong Kong tycoons with known connections to ChIS and PRC officials, and (3) "Chinese organized crime elements." (The Sidewinder document is available here and here. This writer also telephonically interviewed two persons with intimate, first-hand knowledge of Sidewinder.)

So - what is it about the Clintons that the communist Chinese government and Chinatown crime gangs want? Or considering the Clintons' history of auctioning off pardons and renting out the Lincoln bedroom, it may be that they just want the Clintons in office, comfortable in the knowlege that they can place their specific orders later.

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