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Thursday, October 25, 2007

BREAKING NEWS: It's Official, Dino's In!!!

I just received the following e-mail from Dino Rossi:

Dear Supporter,

Today, I am very excited to announce that I am a candidate for Governor of Washington.

While I've enjoyed getting back to being a regular dad and spending more time with my family and friends over the last three years, I am keenly aware that our state is headed in the wrong direction.

After a great deal of thought and discussions with Washingtonians across our state, it is clear to me that the best thing I can do to ensure a better future for is, indeed, to run for governor and make the change our state needs.

Our campaign will not be about "What could have been?" Instead, we're looking to the future and saying "We can and will do better."

To help kick-off my campaign, will you be one of the first to sign the "Pledge of Support" by immediately following this link and making a generous contribution of $50, $100, $250, $500 or more to Dino Rossi for Governor?

Our current governor, Christine Gregoire, is on a four-year spending spree and leading a culture of failure in Olympia that is failing citizens in every corner of our state:

* State spending has increased by 32% - or $8.2 billion - in just four years.
* Accountability has been stripped out of school spending.
* Thousands of dangerous felons were released early onto our streets.
* Our roadways have become even more crowded and dangerous.

The polls show we can win - the race is a statistical dead heat- and we're just getting started! Christine Gregoire is reading the same polls we are and there's no doubt that she and those who have a stake in maintaining the status quo will say, do or spend whatever it takes to try to tear me down. But with you on my team, I'm confident we can win and bring the kind of change our state so desperately needs.

Washington state is full of promise. But to harness our opportunities, we need new leadership that is not afraid to take on business as usual and change the culture in Olympia.

As the campaign unfolds, you'll hear a lot more about my ideas to make Washington great - to cut taxes, reduce out of control state spending, keep our neighborhoods safe, and bring the kind of accountability and reform to our schools that will allow our children to compete in the global economy.

I can't do it alone - I need your help to get my campaign off to a strong start. Please follow this link right away to sign the online "Pledge of Support" and at the same time make a generous contribution of whatever you can afford.

You and I both know that money is important in political campaigns. But we also know that most important of all is leadership, accountability, integrity, and a willingness to move forward long-term ideas that bring the real solutions Washingtonians need.

If I can count on your support today, please take a moment right now to follow this link and sign the "Pledge of Support

Thank you for your time -- I look forward to seeing you as I travel our state in the weeks and months ahead.

Your friend,

Dino Rossi

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