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Friday, October 12, 2007

State Republican Bylaws on Filling Multi-County Legislative Vacancies

From "Republican State Committee of Washington Bylaws" as amended on January 27, 2007:

Article 11 - Filling Multi-County Legislative Vacancies

Legislative vacancies for joint senator or joint representative positions shall be filled in accordance with Article 2, Section 15 of the Washington State
Constitution according to the following procedure:

A. Three names shall be submitted to the State Committee by counties in the legislative district where the vacancy occurs. Selection of names will be
by precinct committee officers, elected at the last general election or appointed sixty (60) days prior to occurrence of the vacancy, whose precincts
are in the legislative district where vacancy occurs.

B. By agreement of a majority of County chairmen of the legislative district, a joint meeting of precinct committee officers will be held for selection of three
names to be submitted to the State Committee. The meeting shall be held at the call of the State Chairman after consulting with the County Chairmen of
the affected counties. The State Chairman shall designate the temporary chairman of the meeting. The permanent chairman of the precinct meeting
will be elected by a majority vote of the precinct committee officers present. No proxies will be allowed.

C. The State Committee, or during interim between meetings, the Executive Board, shall review the multi-county legislative district proceedings and the
nominations submitted to ensure that (1) proper lawful procedures were followed and (2) nominees are legally qualified to serve if appointed. If such
determination is made, the State Committee or its Executive Baord shall ratify such nominees and submit same as the State Committee's
recommendations to the County Commissioners and/or County Councils of the affected counties.

D. In the event that such review of procedures and legal qualifications determined that error has occurred, the State Committee, or its Executive Board, recognizing that timeliness in filling such vacancies dictates that action occur at the earliest possible date, may either reject the nominee(s) not found
to be legally qualified or request reconsideration, or adjust the nominee list for only those not found to be legally qualified as appropriate prior to

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