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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

US Prestige In The World In Decline

And it's not George Bush's fault.

In just about two weeks, the Democrat-led US Congress has managed to piss off three countries, Iraq, Turkey and China.

As I recall, Nancy Pelosi made the Israelis pretty angry earlier this year.

Shocking officials in Jerusalem, where she had visited two days earlier, Pelosi said she also told Assad that Olmert had wanted to relay the message that Israel is ready for peace talks with Syria.

That came as a surprise to the prime minister, whose office on Wednesday denied any such conversation and said that "what was discussed with the House speaker did not include any change in Israel's policy, as it has been presented to international parties involved in the matter."

Olmert's office also issued a statement saying it had specified to Pelosi that Israel considers Syria "part of the axis of evil and a party encouraging terrorism in the entire Middle East."

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