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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WSU President Floyd In Cahoots With Progressive Student Union Protest!!!

UPDATE: Here is the link to authenticate the rumor

Gregory T. Wilkins, Director of Campus Involement, has been tabling at the WSU Glenn Terrell Mall over the last couple of days. Mr. Wilkins, as well as the Progressive Student Union, has been handing out stickers that read:
"RESPECT: Campus Climate Response."
This "stickering" is in lieu of our screening of "Obsession", which is fine (freedom of speech). What is not fine... is being funded by Washington State University's President, Elson S. Floyd. It is against WSU policy to grant a Registered Student Organization (or individual) funding to protest another group (or individual) on campus. This is looking very similar to the controversial play in 2005 when FIRE had to step in to restore law and order.


Michael said...

Gosh, it's easy to smoke these assholes out!

FIRE's gonna have plenty to keep themselves busy.

Daniel F Schanze said...

Yep... FIRE is getting the full story on this. Among... other things that we have found out, but are not public yet. Again, a very high-ranking member of the WSUCRs heard this from Mr. Wilkins own two lips. Thus, I do not know if "rumor" is the correct word to use in this case, nevertheless it is better to be safe than sorry (The WSUCRs do not libel or slander people unlike some other people).

Two words: POWDER KEG

Michael said...

"Mr. Wilkins own two lips"

Now there's an unappealing image. Watch yourself. You never know where those lips have been.

The Red Knight (aka, Dr. Know) said...

Kissing liberal B-hind, probably.

Daniel F Schanze said...

FIRE has been contacted again. This should be very interesting.