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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Top Palousitics Stories for Third Quarter 2007

Michael's nearly back-to-back Instalanches dominated the third quarter of 2007.

According to Google Analytics, these were the Top 5 Stories on Palousitics from July 1 - September 30:

1. "The Other Hsu Drops" by Michael
2. UN Weapons Inspectors Can't Even Count To 10 by Michael
3. A Hate Crime????????????? by Michael
4. We Can't Handle The Truth by Michael
5. "More On The Unsettled Nature Of Settled Science" by Michael

Attention Gordon Forgey: So far this year, 335 people have come to Palousitics looking for the Whitman County Gazette. The search keywords "Whitman County Gazette" have only been exceeded by "big hog," "Palousitics," and "Paloustics." Time to get that online edition of the Gazette up and running.

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