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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The Other Hsu Drops

Another crooked Clinton fundraiser vanishes.

Running Hsu.
If the Hsu fits.
It's growing into a Hsunami.

This is getting fun. Can anybody else add to this list?
If it helps, his name is pronounced "shoe."


Mattwi said...

They can't seem to find Hsu, wonder if he's having a "Vince Foster" moment somewhere in a park, they should get the dynamic duo of Ken Starr & Jack Palladino on this one...

Nah, he's probably just having a beer somewhere with Sandy Berger, working on how to get himself back to PRC...


Tom Forbes said...

Congrats again on the Instalanche, Michael!

BlogDog said...

So Hsu me.

John Lynch said...

My favorite so far is Dr. Fu Man Hsu.

Josh said...

Hsu's on first.


You know, Hsu. Who knows where.


No, Hsu's nowhere.


No, not 'what.' Hsu.

Who again?

Jody said...

Strangers in the night
Exchanging glances
Wond'ring in the night
What were the chances
We'd be sharing cash
Before the night was through
Something in your wallet
Was so inviting
Something in your portfolio
Was so exciting
Something in my heart
Told me I must have you
It turned out so right
For strangers in the night
Hsu bee doo bee doo
Hsu bee do bee da
Da da da da da
Ya ya ya

John said...

Hillary wants to be a Hsu-in for the nomination.