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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Pullman Sucks

Today at the Battle of the Palouse I saw some curious shirts that were black with yellow writing.

All the shirts read was "Pullman Sucks". I found this curious on many levels. First off, the U of I is playing WSU. Not the city of Pullman. One might wonder why shirts that said Pullman Sucks would be worn at the football game.

Pullman sucking or not sucking really doesn't have anything to do with UI being good or the Cougs being bad.

Maybe these were members of PARD displaying their dislike for Pullman, and doing with the colors of the UI. Maybe it was the members of Moscow's leftist community who seem to think that expansion of the retail base in Pullman is selfish of us and that we must stop doing that at once.

I would be interested to know what the origins of that shirt was. We all know about "Bone the Dawgs", "Husky Fever is a V.D.", "Huck the Fuskies". It is pretty simple to see the line of reasoning due to the illustrations on the shirt, or what the shirt reads.

But the Pullman Sucks shirts did not make sense. There was no illustration to put context to those words. There was nothing in the news recently about Pullman Vs Moscow issues, aside from development on our side of the border. So one can understand how I would draw the conclusions that I have drawn.

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April E. Coggins said...

It seems a lot of Vandal's feel the same way. I was told by someone fairly close to ticket sales, that the Vandals sold less than a quarter of their allotted tickets, they turned the rest back. I guess we are eight miles, but a world apart.