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Saturday, September 08, 2007

Hillary Not A Hsu-In After All?

I'm getting the feeling that Norman Hsu has been funneling some very dirty money into the Democrat Party. Even the New York Times is having a hard time ignoring the Clinton's Hsu-nanigans.

Norman Hsu's has become a man of considerable means, but without any visible means of support. The Times notes that his businesses seem to exist only on paper.
Since Mr. Hsu’s fall from grace, efforts to learn more about the nature of his business and the source of his wealth have led mostly to dead ends.

On campaign finance disclosure forms, he listed his employer as one of a half-dozen companies, some of them with names that seemed to change with each retelling. On some forms, the company was Components Limited or Next Components or Next Consultants. Other times it was Next Limited or Consultants Limited. And his title was different from one form to the next, sometimes appearing as president or managing director, other times as consultant, supplier or partner.

The Manhattan office addresses he listed appeared to be little more than mail drops, and his neighbors in the buildings said he rarely showed up and seemed to conduct no business there.

And the timing of many of his business dealing are suspiciously synchronized with his bundling and with other contributions to the Clinton campaign.

Can you say Chinagate? Maybe, part deaux?

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