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Thursday, September 06, 2007

King County Liberal Tolerance

Seattle Seahawk football stars are learning that there's a price to pay for straying from Seattle's ideological party line.

Are you still fans of Matt Hasselbeck and Mack Strong after they visited President Bush last week in Bellevue? Or have their political leanings turned you against them?

The Seahawks quarterback and fullback gave the 43rd president a No. 43 jersey with his name on it at a $1,000-a-plate fundraiser for Rep. Dave Reichert at the Hyatt.

At the time, Hasselbeck called it a thrill and said it was a win-win, this opportunity to meet the president and get out of a team meeting.

But as soon as he saw the picture of the two players with Bush, Gary Wright, the team's vice president of administration, said he was concerned about negative reaction.

Maybe in really red Republican states, it would not have been a big deal. But Washington is a blue state, and deep, deep Democratic blue in King County. So objections were raised, and Hasselbeck heard them and read them. He got nasty voice mails, e-mails and text messages.

"I had no idea," Hasselbeck said.

One guy told him: "I hate you, I'll never wear your jersey, I'll never like the Seahawks again."

"Huh?" Hasselbeck thought. "Seriously?"

"Politics can be very mean and dirty," he said. "The things politicians say about each other, and what activists say, I had a brief glimpse of that for a couple of days.

"If I ever had any questions about whether I wanted to run for office, I now know the answer -- I don't."

As a quarterback, he's used to getting booed. "But this was a whole new level," he said. "I was very surprised how mean (they were)."

As evidence were these responses to Angelo Bruscas' blog posting on seattlepi.com:

"How dare Hasselbeck declare Bush an honorary Seahawk," wrote one. "Who is Matt speaking for? Bush is no Seahawk. He is the worst president of my lifetime, and I'm almost 60. Shame on you, Matt."

"To learn that two of the most popular Seahawks are strong (Bush) supporters ruins the season for me and my family," wrote another.

And Timothy P. wrote: "Just goes to show you that being a great athlete doesn't make you smart."

You've gotta love all that liberal tolerance. They prefer terrorist to Republicans.


August J. said...

Hey there-

I was wondering if you could link to all the posts you wrote where you condemned right-wingers for saying things like "shut up and sing" to Hollywood celebrities and musicians because they have "no business" reflecting their political views. I can't seem to find them anywhere.

Barenjager said...

Weeelll....I was starting to become a Seahawks fan. Now I'm going to start buying their gear! Go Hawks!

Go surf the left wing garbage heaps if you don't like what's said here.

Jim H said...

The more and more I think about this the more it bothers me. Why is it liberals detest so much to be associated with conservatives in anyway. There is no doubt I am conservative through and though but I have friends of many political persuasions from far left to farther right than I. We have had many thoughtful exchanges of ideas, sometimes heated, but have been able to remain friends and we are better for it. It can be infuriating when someone does not agree with you but at the very least I learn their point of view and they mine.

My brother had a girlfriend that identified herself as a progressive dem (hippy in my words). She came from a fairly wealthy family on the west side and after spending 2 days with my family she said something to the effect, "It's odd all my friends think the same way. I have never heard any alternative ideas".

Has it gotten so bad that the left has to insulate itself from any other ideologies? The mere mention of alternative thought is so repulsive that they must hate the person?

This could probably be said about many republicans too which is a shame. This country needs people who listen to all sides consider all facts and logically come to a conclusion not biased on emotion.

"To learn that two of the most popular Seahawks are strong (Bush) supporters ruins the season for me and my family".

Wow, just wow. How unfulfilling your life must be.

Satanic Mechanic said...

Will the Seattlites be intolerant to protestors who show up on September 19th against the imperious hypocrite, John Edwards when he flies in?

April E. Coggins said...

I just flew through Sea-Tac Airport and I can report that the left-wing "group think" is alive and well. Sea-Tac had leftist political messages on every wall. My favorite was a picture warning against global warming, with a boy playing baseball in water up to his neck. LOL! It just doesn't get any funnier (or dumber) than Seattle.

April E. Coggins said...

August J.: When the baseball players start giving speeches before they bat, we will then complain. Until then, they are free citizens. Or can't you see that?

April E. Coggins said...

Oops. Seahawks = football. Mariners = baseball.