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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

We Need Your Help Urgently!!!

The Washington State College Republicans and I need your financial support, urgently. Many of our members have come close to their credit lines to put on these events. Our organization will officially be in debt following our "9/11 Never Forget Project." If you wish, we will mention you as a sponsor for making our events possible. Please support us.

Support can be sent via PayPal through my personal email address or mailed to my home address:

dschanze@mail.wsu.edu or...

Daniel F Schanze
910 NE Providence Ct., D302
Pullman, WA 99163


Nic said...

Republicans spending money they don't have?... it's too easy. Isn't that supposed to be a Democrat problem? Any College Democrats out there? Sounds like as long as you don't have a negative balance you have a chance to shine.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

They're using their own money, nic, not someone else's.

You fail.

Nic said...

the issue is not being able to run an organization in a financially responsible manner... keep trying Paul, you might be able to salvage this.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

This is the issue now, because you jumped out of the gutter to be an ass again? The topic was something else entirely and set by someone else. You think too much of yourself.

Responsible? Not using other people's money that was garnered by force? Not forcing people at gunpoint to be on the hook for your projects? Instead, our CR's are being responsible for their own bills and they are soliciting voluntary donations to settle them honorably. Works for me. Got some personal problems in these realms, nic?

Funny that you come out of the woodwork just to snipe... and miss. Then again, it's you.

Nic said...

begging for money is honorable?

over-spending... kind of a parallel with the current republican administration... get it? do you need a picture?

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

nic: "begging for money is honorable?"

Yes, it is. It's a request for a voluntary transaction between individuals absent of coercion. Isn't it funny that bums are more honorable than bureaucrats in that respect?

Hrm... so you think there's a parallel between a group of private individuals putting their own money on the line to advance their causes, and asking for voluntary help (not to mention that in the absence of help, they'll be working to settle these debts individually and privately), and an organization that has the force of the state behind it to compel funding when their already forcefully appropriated (i.e. stolen) funds run out?

I guess we shouldn't even bother with pointing out which party it is that has the truly insatiable appetite for spending (and stealing).

You're as deep as a puddle, nic. Dredge some of that crap out of you and you'll improve.

Truth said...

Paul, I believe the point he is trying to make is that if the CRs cannot effectively manage their money (which in this context I believe means stay out of debt), then why should we believe they can run a country in a fiscally responsible way. It's a joke based off the old idea which says that Republicans are more fiscally responsible than Democrats. And, to refute one of your points Paul, the issue on this post was never anything else, it is a request for donations because the CRs are in debt.

The reason I say old idea is because neither party in the past decade has really bothered to try and control spending. The Democrats under Clinton increased the national debt and Republicans under Bush have done the same thing, and at the same time have created the largest national deficit yet.

Its funny that for all the "jokes" you put out against all sorts of dems you can't seem to take one against a group you support. Lighten up, its mildly entertaining.

Nic said...

See Paul, truth gets it... even without a picture.

April E. Coggins said...

Nic and Truth: Wow, you just saved me a ton of money in donations. Thanks! Now I know that only poorly run orginizations ask for money. The good ones generate their own income, like from Chinese businessmen. Seriously, when international tycoons and union thugs are willing to throw money at you for just a couple of easy favors, something must be wrong with the other side. Snort.