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Friday, September 14, 2007

PARD Delay Tactics Continue

Dnews.com has reported today that PARD has requested oral arguments. The court date for Oct 19th has been scrubbed.

Now a new date will be set. We will know about the new court date about a month and a half prior to the new date. Typically, it takes months for the court to set a new date.

PARD is using this as a delay tactic. They claim that they need to orally argue their point, as their brief will not be able to adequately deliver their argument.

I think that is because it is harder to write faulty logic than it is to speak faulty logic. Meaning that by making verbal statements they can try to pull some hocus pocus.

But again, PARD is holding Pullman hostage.

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Will G said...

PARD is probably trying to postpone this until the Palouse Giant Earthworm is classified as endangered so they can then use that as an excuse to not build the WalMart.