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Saturday, September 22, 2007

Pullman Firefighters stop Wildfire from Threatening Apartments

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE, Saturday, September 22, 2007 Lt. Don Foster, Incident Commander


PULLMAN—Firefighters from Pullman and Whitman County Rural District 12 faced shifting winds as they stopped a wildfire Saturday afternoon that consumed about five acres of land surrounded by apartments in Pullman’s north area.

Lt. Don Foster of the Pullman Fire Department said the winds got up to around 20 mph and changed direction about three different times. Foster had engines and crews at strategic locations as firefighters worked to stop the flames and protect the apartment buildings at North Campus Heights, along with Maple and Aspen Village.

Firefighters were called out around 3:45 pm to an area north of Terre View Drive, between Merman Drive on the west and Northwood to the east. They had the fire controlled in about a half hour. At one time, when the wind changed and drove the fire towards Maple and Aspen Village, firefighters moved quickly and attacked the fire with crews driving several all terrain engines. The fire was stopped about 100 yards from the building and the onlookers from the apartment building broke out in applause for the firefighters.

Foster said the cause of the fire is undetermined at this time, but police officers did interview witnesses attempting to determine the point of origin.

Press release put out by Pullman Fire.


Mattwi said...

Where will all the water drain to?

What was the impact on the local water supply?

Did they forget to do a water usage study?

{/sarcasm.. muwahahaha

April E. Coggins said...

Did they get permission from Moscow?

Mattwi said...

Well it was okay with Fancy Nancy as to her knowledge, no water was concealed carried at the time...