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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Depressing Days For Democrats

If we keep winning in Iraq, then Congressional Democrats might someday look back at an 11% approval rating as a high water mark.

Victory in Iraq!

This might require that Democrats exercise a willing suspension of partisan stupidity but we really are winning in Iraq. And it certainly isn't what they want to hear. Do you remember a year ago, when the greatest minds in the world declared that Anbar province was irretrievably lost? Well, it's pretty well pacified today and openly pro-American.

“As of July 30,” Major Peters said in early August, “we’ve have 81 days in the city with zero attacks since March 31.”

“We’ve had only one attack in our area of operations in the past couple of months,” said Captain Jay McGee at the Blue Diamond base. He was referring to the Jazeera area immediately north of the city and including the suburbs. “And we haven’t had a single car bomb in our area since February.”

Violence has declined so sharply in Ramadi that few journalists bother to visit these days. It’s “boring,” most say, and it’s hard to get a story out there – especially for daily news reporters who need fresh scoops every day. Unlike most journalists, I am not a slave to the daily news grind and took the time to embed with the Army and Marines in late summer.

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