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Friday, September 14, 2007

Southern California Nanny-Staters Ban Burgers

Southern California's "Center for Food and Justice" wants to tell you what you may eat.

Or, fast food makes people fat - Poor and minorities hardest hit.

Los Angeles is considering a two year ban on new fast food restaurants. Fast food makes you fat. It's unhealthy. And, the poor are the real victims.

[C]ity officials see the myriad fast-food outlets as a health problem and are seeking change. "Fast food is primarily the only option for those who live and work here," says City Councilwoman Jan Perry. "It's become a public-health issue that residents be given healthier choices."

And, of course, the nutrition nazis love it.

"Limiting fast food could be a practical solution if it starts to address the imbalance of too many outlets with food that is not nutritious," says Mark Vallianatos, director of the Center for Food and Justice at Occidental College in Los Angeles.

Good grief! Food and Justice?

But, this is my favorite paragraph.

Many national food and health experts say the measure – which is slated for a vote on Sept. 18 – may be the first example of a health-zoning law in the United States. In 2006, New York City health committee chairman Joel Rivera lobbied against uncontrolled growth of fast-food chains, but did not introduce legislation. These observers are applauding the idea as a way to raise awareness about America's obesity epidemic, which hits poorer neighborhoods disproportionately.

Doesn't say something about our country when our poor people eat in restaurants too much and get fat as a result. John Edwards - call your office.

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