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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mr. Civil Discourse Bridges the "Town-Gown" Divide

New WSU President Elson Floyd will be absolutely thrilled when he reads former WSU Faculty Senate president Chuck Pezeshki's comments on the Moscow-Pullman Daily News website today.
There's not much I can say to change most of the conservatives in this neck of the woods' minds about what they read. I hate blanket statements about local people in the community, but quite frankly, many are strongly anti-intellectual and resentful of the universities. Not that the universities or professors have helped make the situation better-- but I believe that a good part of this is because most people in the region are wildly ignorant about who actually butters their bread. Most people believe that Latah and Whitman County run on agriculture, but the fact is that the percentage of income, and percentage of workforce involved is miniscule (3% for Latah, 1.6% for Whitman). The universities provide for the living, and also agricultural community support, for all of Latah and Whitman County. Those facts come out of the US Census data.
Chuckie Sandiego was defending a column of his that appeared today in which he bashed Gen. Petraeus and President Bush again like the mindless kneejerk moonbat that he is.

If you have a subscription to Dnews.com, check out Pezeshki's comments. Arrogant doesn't do them justice. It's megalomaniacal hubris.

But in any case, thanks Chuck, for confirming what we already knew about professors and so eloquently demonstrating why us non-PhD hayseeds are so "anti-intellectual" and "anti-university."


Michael said...

You shouldn't criticize our betters Tom. They know what's best for us.

Tom Forbes said...

Well, you're right Michael. After all:

"Society has invested literally millions of dollars educating me..."

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...

Heh! Yes, we hate him and people like him because we produce, and in the absence of him and people like him... we still produce!

"Those who cannot do, teach."

Never were more true words spoken... when speaking of Chuck.

Michael said...

Definition of an academic:
Someone who will write thousands of pages on how to make love to a beautiful woman, but has never had a girlfriend.