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Tuesday, October 23, 2007

From the H-Bomb To The Human Bomb

Here you can read a chilling article by André Glucksmann about the danger of Islamofascism. He doesn't actually use that word, but the meaning is clear from his summary.

"Modern terrorism seeks to combine the annihilating power of Hiroshima with the nihilistic gospel of Auschwitz."

Here is an excerpt:

We have entered another world. The threat of a new Ground Zero, small or great, advances behind a mask. The human bomb claims the power to strike anywhere, by any means, at any time, spreading his nocturnal threat over the globe, invisible and thus unpredictable, clandestine and thus untraceable. The terrorist without borders makes us think about him always, everywhere. Without an accidental delay on the tracks—just a few minutes—the pulverization of two trains in Madrid, at the Atocha station, would have claimed 10,000 victims, three times more than in Manhattan. Then there was London. Whose turn is next? Each of us waits for the next explosion.

The business of terrorists, after all, is to terrorize—so said Lenin, an uncontested master in the field. The ultimate refinement lies in the inversion of responsibility. Operating instructions: I take hostages, I cut off their heads, I show them on video; those who beg for mercy must address themselves to their governments, who alone are to blame for my crimes: my hubris is their problem. The less the terrorist’s restraint, the more he causes fear and the sooner you will yield in tears, or so he believes.

And later on:

To resurrect the dead, if only by video, in order to execute them a second time: this compulsion prolongs war infinitely from the other side of life. It is pure hatred. A traditional war, however savage, comes to an end. Terrorist war, given over to limitless fury, knows no cease-fire. For the demonstration of force it substitutes the demonstration of hatred, which, nourished by its own atrocities, becomes inextinguishable.

Read it all. More importantly, you liberals should read it. And if you won't then you should be tied to a chair and have it read to you by your therapists.

I fully understand that you liberals care only about the freedom to get abortion, watch pornography, take drugs, and engage in any sort of sex you wish without consequences. But you must understand that these are the first things you lose, along with your heads, if Islamofascism prevails.

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