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Friday, October 05, 2007

State Rep. David Buri Stepping Down

The Daily News website is reporting that 9th District State Represnetative Dave Buri is resigning from office:
Buri says he'll resign House seat

State Rep. David Buri announced today he will step down from the Legislature, effective November 1, to take on the new post of director of government relations at Eastern Washington University.

The 9th District Republican said higher eduction always has been an important topic for him and as a state representative he was forced to deal with a “shotgun” of issues. His new job will allow him to focus his time and effort solely on higher education.

“It gives me the opportunity to work on the issues really important to me,” he said.

Buri said his new position will allow him to stay involved in Washington politics and continue to help people.

“It keeps me in the process,” Buri said. “I hope in my own way I will still be serving the constituents of the 9th District.”
Dave is a great guy and has been a terrific representative for us. So much so that he ran unopposed last year. In just his second term, he was made House Republican floor leader. He had a bright political future. But I completely understand his reasons for taking the Eastern job.

Now, state law calls for the Republican Party to appoint somoeone to fill out Buri's term. I'll have more details on that soon. As I am a Republican PCO, I'll be involved with that selection. My first impulse on hearing the news was to pick up the phone and urge Joe Schmick to throw his hat into the ring. If you remember, Joe, a Colfax farmer and businessman, barely lost last year's Republican primary to Steve Hailey. Joe is a rock-solid, pro-business conservative with a real understanding of the issues. He has my vote if he runs.

I'll keep you posted on this breaking story.

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