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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Phony Soldiers and Real Men

To the Democrat Party, scumbags like Jesse MacBeth, Amorita Randall and Scott Beauchamp as heros. There are real heros - men who gave it all because they believe in their country and recognize the peril it faces - men like Mark Daily.

Sometimes, maudlin is appropriate.

From one of Mark Daily's last letters:

I was having a conversation with a Kurdish man in the city of Dahok (by myself and completely safe) discussing whether or not the insurgents could be viewed as "freedom fighters" or "misguided anti-capitalists." Shaking his head as I attempted to articulate what can only be described as pathetic apologetics, he cut me off and said "the difference between insurgents and American soldiers is that they get paid to take life—to murder, and you get paid to save lives." He looked at me in such a way that made me feel like he was looking through me, into all the moral insecurity that living in a free nation will instill in you. He "oversimplified" the issue, or at least that is what college professors would accuse him of doing.

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