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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The 800 Pound Gorilla

Someone asked the panel if there was an impediment to cooperation about water across state lines. Aaron Ament correctly answered the controversy over the Hawkins Development. He said after it was resolved one way or the other, he hoped we could sit down together and discuss plans for preserving our water.

Whitman County Commissioner Michael Largent stated that newspaper comments by elected officials on both sides was counterproductive. He said that while we are different in some ways and that our needs are different, we have more in common. Both sides of the border need water.

I'd like to believe that, but we are rivals and have been for a long time. There can be room for cooperation, and there should be, but not when economic jealousy enters into the equation, and especially not when politics is introduced. Cooperation between jurisdictions has to be at a very generic level, and it is simply never going to work when a true believer like Queen Nancy tries to impose his/her personal political beliefs upon a neighbor.

That's it. We're done.


April E. Coggins said...

I'm certain Mike Largent won't like my words, but I have a message for Queen Nancy and Moscow: Cooperation begets cooperation.

I have a lot of thoughts on what I heard today, but one segment stood out for me. Hopefully I won't ramble too much. Immediately following the City of Pullman's presentation on recharging the aquifer, Les McDonald, City of Moscow Public Works Director, gave a presentation about creating a water reservoir somewhere in the vicinity of Moscow Mountain. Moscow would like to see cooperation from Whitman County and the City of Pullman, and other entities, to help pay for this reservoir. (Just last summer, Moscow's mayor threatened to withhold their portion of the airport reservoir money, because Pullman and Whitman county might use the water for private purposes, so I doubt we would enjoy any of the water.) After Mr. McDonald was done, Queen Nancy sprung to her feet, and fairly shreaking, demanded to know what say Moscow would have in Pullman's possible plans to recharge the aquifer. Moscow had just asked Pullman and Whitman County for cooperative money, then Nancy nearly accuses us of poisoning the water! I felt truly sorry for Les. He was trying to diplomatically tell his own boss, in public, that she was worrying needlessly.

And I will repeat what I have posted before, Pullman gets to pay, Moscow wants the say.

Tom Forbes said...

A comment overheard between Michael Largent and Aaron Ament: "We'll have a big group hug over the border, AFTER Hawkins gets built."

That is why I Like Mike!