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Sunday, December 02, 2007

Dejáis le Nevar, Dejáis le Nevar, Dejáis le Nevar

This week, while you here in Pullman were viewing sights like this:
I was looking at this:

That's right, I have just returned from yet another weeklong trip to Monterrey, Mexico.

Thanks to Michael, Scotty, Ray Lindquist, Satanic Mechanic, April Coggins, Bruce Heimbigner, and Councilman-Elect Nathan Weller for keeping things going here in my absence.

I am just now starting to catch up on the news. Wow, what a week! From Joe Schmick getting sworn in and rushed over to Olympia to vote in a special session on property taxes, a recount in the Pullman City Council election, another fire, another GOP presidential debate, Queen Nancy's misguided attempts at usurping the Second Amendment, to even more PARD nitwittery, stand by for a flood of posts from me.

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