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Monday, December 17, 2007

Going (for the) Green

If you think all the global warming nitwittery has been limited to Stockholm and Bali lately, read on.

A December 6 Seattle Times story detailed some possible legislation concerning global warming in Washington, such as:
Seattle leaders have been talking to lawmakers about a bill that would impose an added fee for license tabs that would be scaled based on fuel efficiency. Gas-hogging SUVs would pay more; hybrids and electric cars would pay less.

While the actual fee amount would be up to the Legislature, Ceis said a reasonable average would be $100, with gas guzzlers possibly going as high as $300.
Of course, people with families like myself drive those "gas guzzler" SUVs and minivans. As the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers stated, "It's really nothing more than an added tax on families and small-business owners who need larger vehicles."

And if you thought the Department of Ecology had killed business in Washington border counties with their ridiculous stormwater requirements, wait until this is implemented:
Meanwhile, the state is already preparing to order cities and counties to study what effects new projects, such as office buildings, will have on the climate. State environmental law probably already requires it, though it hasn't been done in the past, said Jay Manning, head of the state Department of Ecology.

As for environmentalists, one of the top priorities for this year will be trying to change state land-use laws so communities have to factor in climate change as they plan for growth.

They, along with the Ecology Department, also would like to start an accounting system for larger companies or governments to track their greenhouse-gas emissions. That would help set the stage for future regulations aimed at cutting the gases.
God help us.

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Satanic Mechanic said...

They tried reduced fees for Hybrids and E.V.s (Electric Vehicles) in California and the state dropped it after a couple years because they missed the fees. The government is for the environment so long as you don't take money away from it.