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Saturday, December 15, 2007

WA Republican House Rep. of District 41 Fred Jarrett Defects

I know this isn't near to home for many of you on the Palouse, but the representative I voted for out of District 41 in the Bellevue/Renton/Eastside area in WA defected to the Democrats yesterday. This absolutely sickens me and Jarrett will most definitely be receiving a letter from me about how disgusted I am (although he will never read it).

Why would an elected official think that they can get elected into office as part of a specific party and then decide to change their mind? I guess we can only hope that if Hillary ever got elected she would defect to the Republicans and have a revelation and change all her radical beliefs (like that would ever happen ha).

I believe this is now the 2nd representative from WA this year to defect to the Democrats, correct me if I am mistaken. Jarrett's position was in an important district in WA, one that was moderately Republican, but now another district turns blue.

I just had to let everyone know that I am upset about this and Fred Jarrett or anyone who supports Jarrett will never receive my vote in any future elections. Turns out my vote in the last election was just a Democrat in disguise though, probably should have just wrote my own name on the ballot.

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Scotty said...

I was reading in a article about his switch, that Rodeny Tom from Bellevue also switched.

What is up with the East side (of Lake Washington) turning blue? It is a very disturbing trend.