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Friday, December 07, 2007

Alford Wanting to Test the Limits

I just received the following e-mail from Dale Courtney, a fellow blogger and friend who has also been the subject of much anonymous venom as a member of Christ Church in Moscow. Dale is also a former member of the Daily News' citizens advisory committee.

I saw your post

Concerning anonymous comments on the Daily News website, this is what one of my sources within the DN tells me:

"The advisers, from both ends of the spectrum were voicing concern, but Nathan and company are wanting to test the limits."

And if you were to bring a suit against the Daily News: "And the main argument would be this... Unmoderated postings vs. moderated postings. The DN has assumed some moderating control. With that, they assume responsibility for all."

I've done quite a bit of research on this matter -- since Vision2020 is known as a slander/libel/hate site. Since the DN does have (and take) editorial control, they are liable for the comments.

I think it might be time we let the Alford family and the Daily News what we think of this despicable practice of "testing the limits."

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Scotty said...

What I would like to see is that everyone has to have a "real name" account. I really think we would see a much more civil debate about what is going on.

But I also know I have read comments from people "in the know" about certain issues who would not have posted if their name was attached to their post, because remaining anonymous is paramount to not getting in trouble for saying things.

Anyway, I have argued that the Dnews needs to register account names so people don't post in the name of other people. I also think it would be good for making the comments more civil and less troll like.

I would actually love to get on there and have a real debate on an issue, not a mud slinging contest. While the mud is being slung, I don't think you will see "Scotty" join that mess!