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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Welcome Alex Williams!

The only reason to read "Pullman's paper of record," The Daily Evergreen, this past semester wasn't its non-existent coverage of local issues, but rather conservative columnist Alex Williams, the Vice President of the WSU College Republicans.

I'm happy to announce that Alex has now joined the merry band of Forbicites here at Palouistics. I'm excited to read what Alex is going to share with us. I have also included a link to Alex's "College Conservative in a Liberal World" blog here. Check it out.

That's SIX students we have as contributors at Palousitics, and I'd like to have many more!

1 comment:

Daniel F Schanze said...

Next semester is going to be a good one. I plan to implement "most-ridiculous lib (liberal) playing cards." These playing cards will mirror the likes of the "most-wanted Iraqi playing cards."

Basically, I plan to name drop and add a picture accordingly of a ridiculous lib(s) on to a playing card(s). Who will be my ace of spades?

I think members of the YDs, I mean PSU will hold the face cards, but that is only a guess.