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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Time Warner & Sports

I have seen a lot of TV dish popping up around town. I say at the start I am NOT any kind of sports "junkie" but I have heard that ....

Time Warner wants some sort large payment to carry Seahawk games and the like. Well I think I have a fix for the whole mess. I think we need to encourage our city government to open the telephones (isn't funny that is almost a bye-gone) to a second cable company and see a little competition in town the cable rates would some how go down and the people that like to watch sports would have another option and just as sure as I am setting here that competition would be enough to get one of the companies to carry sports. Maybe as they (city government) shop for a second company they could ask that question will you be carrying sports channels? Not that they would force them to mind you. We want free enterprise to prevail here in our town. Just like we want a Wal-Mart it would be good for all of us are you listening PARD?? Maybe I am being a little selfish here also I would like to see my rates drop for TV & Internet connection, they seem very high. So what do you think would this work?

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