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Friday, December 07, 2007

Thank You All

Thank you from Nathan Weller

I want to take this opportunity to thank the voters of Ward 2 for their support in electing me to the Pullman City Council. I am humbled by your support and look forward to representing you and serving all of the citizens of Pullman. Thanks to my family and friends, who made it possible for someone from my campaign team to visit nearly every residence in Ward 2, to meet many of you and hear your comments about Pullman city government. I will continue to make every effort to maintain this direct contact with the residents. The close election in Ward 2 once again shows the importance of voting and that every vote counts.

During my campaign I stressed the need for communication and the need to unify our community. Thus, I hope to hear from Ward 2 and other Pullman residents about how city government can better serve the Pullman community. Pullman is a wonderful city in which to live and work, raise a family, and go to school. As the city continues to grow, input from all segments of our community is needed to address the challenges and issues that we face. I will be listening to all voices. No person or organization has all of the answers, but we as a total community, with consensus, can solve any problem.

I look forward to working with the mayor, the city council and staff, but most of all to serving the Pullman community. Once again, Thank You!


Nathan Weller said...

Dear bloggers and readers, there was a blog written on the Daily News Blogsite where someone claimed to be campaigning for me and then attacked Tom's family. I think all of you know my position on personal attacks, but if you don't you should scroll down the screen and look at the response I wrote here and urged the newspapers to publish as well.

Paul E. Zimmerman, M.A. said...


Congrats and good luck!

And thanks for sticking up for Tom and his family, too.