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Thursday, December 06, 2007

"PARD shows need for Wal-Mart"

In a letter to the editor in the Moscow-Pullman Daily News yesterday, Don Pelton provided a great analysis of the Pullman Alliance "We're Not Just Wal-Mart Haters Anymore" for Responsible Development's Affordable Housing pathetic staged PR event last Thursday night.
We need to thank Deirdre Rogers, chairwoman of Pullman Alliance for Responsible Development, for organizing a conference (Daily News Nov. 30) to seek solutions to ease the burdens placed on the great majority of our residents by the high price of housing.

At the conference, City Councilman Francis Benjamin pointed out construction costs are just naturally higher in Pullman. Realtor JoAnn Sellen brought out the fact that "people don't have the kind of income that allows them to buy a home in Pullman."

To overcome the burden of low wages would be a difficult task for PARD to tackle; but to provide ways for residents to enhance their buying power through lower retail prices is something that PARD can and should address.

We are faced with the sad fact that Pullman's retail core has gradually eroded so that less than half our retail dollars are spent here. It is as though we had only enough resources to provide half the necessary support to operate our high school.

The obvious solution open to Rogers in her role at PARD is to work for low retail prices in Pullman stores. The largest anchor-type retailer that has a policy of low prices is Wal-Mart, and it is the only major retailer now willing to come to Pullman. PARD's excellent conference points the way to restore buying power to our people. That is, support Wal-Mart.

Don Pelton, Pullman
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